Week 11

Week #11

Week #11

The summer color is this week’s share –

Armenian Cucumber – I hope you’re enjoying these no peel, crispy delights!                            Carrots                                                                                                                                                  Summer Squash – The Patty Pan varieties are starting to come on now. I made fritters the other day and observed that the circular ‘Ronde de Nice’ variety has much more water. Maybe this variety isn’t the best candidate for fritters or zucchini bread? But it sure is yummy on the grill! Eggplant – A ‘bell’ variety or the long Japanese variety.                                                                    Italian Basil- Genovese is the variety.                                                                                                    Herb bundle – Dill and Lovage. The of the main reasons that things get planted in the greenhouse at the beginning of the year is that I simply have the seed. I continue to remain curious about foods and varieties that I’ve never grown. This winter I was given some Lovage seed by a friend who has a small seed company in Boise ID, called Earthly Delights.  I had never grown Lovage, never tried it or cooked with it, but you can’t have a more convincing name than Lovage, so I didn’t even hesitate to lovingly sow these seeds! And true to the name, I love this herb. Truthfully, I haven’t had the time to make a meal around it yet, but the smell alone captivates me. To me it’s a combination of celery and pine, sappy and sweet, earthy and exciting. Look in the recipes section for some ideas of how to integrate this one.                                                                      Torpedo Onions! Ah, onions! Can you have too many onions? I have heard some amazing meals being cooked up with these onions, like onions torts with goat cheese and a mouth watering onions soup (I’ll attach the recipe to the e-mail). As you can tell by the abundance in which you’ve been receiving these onions, I have a lot grown in the field. Now is the time to honor the concept of the CSA. You’ve all bought into the season, ‘come what may,’ and you receive the bounty that is present in the field each week. So when there’s abundance, you also receive that! That being said, if you want MORE onions, I would love to put up to a dozen in your share next week. This would be a great time for a food extension project: canning, freezing or dehydrating.  I won’t overload your basket, unless you’ve given me the thumbs up. So please, get back to my by Monday and let me know how many onions you would like this week – abundance, abundance!                                         Tomatoes – They’re just starting, little babies! I apologize for not having enough to give everyone some this week. Thursday’s distribution received some tomatillos. I’m hoping to have tomatoes from here on out. Next year with the High Tunnel, the goal to to have them by 4th of July!!

Japanese Eggplants and Armenian Cucumbers

Japanese Eggplants and Armenian Cucumbers

Sorrel, Dill, Lovage, Italian Parsley and Basil!

Sorrel, Dill, Lovage, Italian Parsley and Basil!

It’s been nice to receive some reprieve from the heat and smoke, for the most part. A full day of work has been given back to farmer and farm and projects are not only started, but finished!! The spring bed can completely been turned over and is ready for either a cover crop or an experimental barley patch. The onions are starting to soften their necks and cure. When they get pulled, the fall planted brassicas will fill their space. Seed crops are being harvested and some are even fully cleaned and packaged up. I’ll be headed to Seven Seeds Farm today with around three pounds each of Broccoli Rabb seed and Ruby Streaks Mizuna. The mornings are starting to get cooler and the days are getting a bit shorter. We’re enjoying the delights of summer, yet you can start to feel fall.

So many delights!


Recipes – click on the highlighted text to go to site

Some Lovage history and Lovage Lemon Chicken

Lovage Recipes for Summer – including Lovage Bloody Marry! 

It’s Ratatouille time! – Best Ratatouille Recipe

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