Week 13

Week #13

Week #13

What you’ll find in this week’s rainbow basket –

Beets – Little baby ones, don’t forget to enjoy the greens!                                                            Rainbow Carrots – you can enjoy these greens too! I’m going to try some in a smoothie today, they also make a beautiful stock and I’ve even hear of carrot top pesto.                                              Sweet Peppers – A mix of Jimmy Nardellos, Healthy and Ethnic Sweet.                                         Lemon Cucumbers – This is just a little taste. When these start to come on fully, I’ll find myself swimming in them, so this is just a little teaser.                                                                            Cipollini Onions – These are sweet little onions of Italian descent. They’re quite the speciality crop, as they’re hard to come by, even in the Farmers’ Market world. This is and extension to my ode to onions. There will be many more cool varieties to come.                                                     Arugula – First ‘fall’ harvest and we’re a month aways from Equinox. This is the first harvest, so this Arugula is nice and tender with the perfect amount of spice. The small holes that you’ll find are from Flea Beatles, the bane of my brassica existence. I’ve had this crop under row cover since direct sowing the seeds in the ground, and still, these little guys get in and make their punched hole code.                                                                                                                                             Summer Squash – Yum!                                                                                                                                 Dill – Some of these stems are starting to form little heads. Don’t worry, it’s all edible, but chop it all up and enjoy.                                                                                                                                    Purple Basil – These plants were started form seed that my friend Deb gave me. I love this type of basil. It has so much aroma, yet doesn’t give off the overly Italian taste. It’s great in Asian and Indian dished.                                                                                                                                    Tomatoes – Ah, tomatoes. Keep them coming little plants!                                                            Eggplant – The light purple ones, as in the picture above, is a variety called Rosa Bianca, a lovely Italian variety.


So, up date on the farm. It’s hard to think about how things have been, when theres a dominate element happening this moment – smoke! For the last few days it’s been coming in and coming in intimately! Jonathan’s been away for almost two weeks now fighting the fires that have been blowing this smoke our way. In a way it’s like firefighter hugs, but when it’s flurrying in the air like snow, the concept of it being sweet quickly fades. I was out in the fields harvesting this morning and noticed a little big of white dust on the red lettuce (yes, you’ll be getting lettuce mix again soon). I found it odd, but didn’t think about it much, until I noticed it on the beet green as well, ash, it was ash, unbelievable!

IMG_2713 IMG_2726 IMG_1154

It’s smokey, but the farm grows on, however slower than normal. This week has been a big push for fall crops. Little starts in the greenhouse are starting to get planted out and hopefully thrive. I was hoping to get these crops in sooner. Last year I planted August 25th, and the broccoli and cabbage struggled to head up. It was definitely my goal to get things in earlier than this date, but then farm life and regular life happens and what do you know, I’m planting broccoli and cabbage August 26th. They’re strong starts and with some extra added TLC, I’m hoping to enjoy and share a nice fall crop!

Enjoy the rainbow share of this week! – Kate

Here are some delectable recipe ideas – Click on highlighted words to go to link.

Lately, I’ve been craving a concoction like this – Thai Beef with Basil

Shrimp and Vegetable Couscous – A good use for zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes and dill

Balsamic-Glaxed Cipollini with Lemon and Bay Leaves – My cipollinis have sized up, so I would dice them up for the recipe.

Pizza time! All of these delightful ingredients also lend themselves to great pizza toppings! Homemade pizza pies are hard to beat!


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