Week 14

Week #14

Week #14

In this weeks Bounty basket –

Parsley – variety: Italian Flat Leaf. I’ve been enjoying a lot of parsley lately, literally, putting it in everything: smoothies, egg scrambles, dips and every salad I make. This stuff has got to be good for you, because I feel like my body guides me to eat, eat, eat more!                                                     Summer Squash – It’s hard to tell from this share, but these plants are actually starting to slow down a bit. Could they be psyching me out? Who knows, maybe next week they’ll be back to there usual, harvesting 30lbs+ a day, antics.                                                                                                 Sweet Peppers – The long ones (pictured above) are Jimmy Nardellos. They have a great sweet pepper taste and, for me, are the best snacking pepper. The other ones are a mix of sweet varieties. They’re a great size for stuffing with cheese and throwing on the grill!                      Armenian Cucumber – I hope you’ve been enjoying their lovely mild flavor and crisp crunch. Lemon Cucumbers – Ah, little summer apples!                                                                                Cherry Tomatoes – These are a mix of four varieties, Sweet Orange II (an open pollinated orange cherry tomato), red Sweetie, Chocolate Cherry and Yellow Pear.                                                      Lettuce Mix – Leafy greens are back! In the hot summer months it sure is easy to miss the salads. I planted a pretty early first succession of both arugula and lettuce and it’s working out pretty well. I feel that the smoky layer of most days is actually working to stabilize the temperature and keeping it a little cooler. This lettuce mix is from the same seed packet that I grew out for my sister’s wedding. It’s so sweet to be reminded of that special day!                                                           Green Beans – variety: Provider                                                                                                            Cipollini Onions – How do you feel these compare to the other sweet onions, Siskiyou Sweets and Torpedo?

First Fall lettuce harvest!

First Fall lettuce harvest!


Subtle shifts are happening everywhere. The mornings are getting cooler, much cooler, 40 degrees this morning! Work clothes layers are coming out, with sweaters even staying on until 10 or 11 o’clock. The days are getting shorter. The morning alarm sounds at 6:00 and I wake to a sky not even touched yet by the sun. Fall crops are in the ground: kales, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, asian greens and more lettuce. They occupy space that once was onions growing tall and spring planted root crops. Even the morning and afternoon breeze speaks of change, something shifting, tree leaves shaking, sounding a sharp clapping dance of cellulose starting to dry and brown. There’s a tone of change, but a continued rate of growth and bounty coming from the fields. This week we’ll celebrate the harvest moon in full fashion as a diversity of crops mature and are enjoyed!

The smoke has lifted and I hope you’re all enjoying the newly gained gratitude for something we so easily take for grant: fresh beautiful air!

All the best,


Smokey Sunset, hopefully the last of the season!?

Smokey Sunset, hopefully the last of the season!?

Some recipe ideas for this week  – click on highlighted link to go to site

Quinoa Tabbouleh – Perfect for this time of year! It would be beautiful with the colorful mix of little cherry tomatoes!

Green Bean Salad, with Hearts of Palm, Feta, Red Peppers and Olives – My mom makes a green bean salad very similar to this and it’s just lovely. One of my favorite ways to enjoy green beans!

Do you have eggplant hanging around from past shares? I had a pile of them and last night I finally roasted them up and made a lovely batch of eggplant dip! This recipe was great and informational! Smoky Eggplant Dip



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