Week 2

CSA -Week 2

CSA -Week 2

In this week’s share —

Giant Romaine Lettuce! This variety, ‘Crispmint’ from Siskiyou Seeds has grown beautifully in the fields. I can’t believe the integrity and weight of these heads. To top it off, they have a lovely taste and have been extremely bolt resistant. Thank you Don Tipping for saving these seeds and offering them in your catalog!                                                                                                          Radishes, Fresh Breakfast. – My appologies for the flea beetle damage on these greens .Those little buggers, with their pinhole bites, have really been a drag this year.                                                  Sugar Pod Snow Peas                                                                                                                                 Red Russian Kale                                                                                                                              Cilantro                                                                                                                                                 Broccoli Bites – I battled with brassicas early this spring. Here stand my lone survivors, the stubborn broccoli headed buds that are finally thriving in the field.                                                      Eggs or Chard – There wasn’t enough for everyone to get both this week. You’ll get the opposite of what you received next week. The blue ones are from Americana chickens.                                                                                                   Arugula – Yumm!

4 1/2 pound head of lettuce and still delicate and sweet!

4 1/2 pound head of lettuce and still delicate and sweet!

The warm weeks and long days continue to stretch out and the patchwork of the farm grows in rows of green. It amazes me to see this farm reach a certain maturity. The dream of this project has really started to settle into place, put down roots authentically and with ease. We’re all feeling a deep sense of home.

I’ve greatly increased the volume of crops in the field this year. It would seem natural that I would have anticipated that if I expand my markets, I would also need to expand the hours in the day and the amount of hands and brains contained in my body. This notion was truly under thought, and the swift timing of getting things in the ground has extended for weeks and weeks now. Everything is finding a home, but things will be late for me this year, squash, melons and cucumbers are just now starting to look established. So be present with your greens, fruits have yet to manifest into blossoms, that lure the bees and swell with pollinated joy. It all takes time, but our summer favorites will be here before we know it!

Purple basil when into the fields this week.

Purple basil went into the fields this week.

First smokey day on Sunday, from a fire in Bend OR.

First smokey day on Sunday, from a fire in Bend OR.

The fields starting to reach and grow!

The fields starting to reach and grow!

Happy Eating – Kate

RECIPES – **Click on red text to visit the recipe link**

Arugula Pesto! This is a recipe that I posted on the blog last year. It’s a seasonal favorite for me!

To me this huge head of Romaine says, screams, pleads, “make me into the best Cesar Salad ever!” Here’s a recipe that looks good. My mom makes a great dressing, she uses anchovy paste instead of canned anchovies. This Romaine would also be great for making lettuce boats!

Snow Peas with Toasted Almonds – These peas might not even make it into a recipe. For me they just sit in a bowl and get snacked on, but this sure looks yummy!  Take off the top and middle string, those won’t be tender when sautéed.


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