Week 5

Week #5

Week #5

Happily Harvested for this week’s share –

Kale, Red Russian – This could be the last harvest of kale until the fall months. As the weather warms kale starts to get chewier and bitter. You’ve maybe been noticing the flavor change. I like to experience the many tones that kale can bring based on the different time of year, but at some point you have to call it.                                                                                                                           Carrots                                                                                                                                                  Onions, Siskiyou Sweet – These are my favorite and each year I commit myself to grow more and more! I’m not sure of the origin of the name, but they sure are sweet and by golly, they’re grown in Siskiyou!!                                                                                                                                            Lettuce, Bronze Arrow and Pablo – These two lettuce varieties hold up well as the summer heat starts to come on. It has been a great season for lettuces and I hope you’ve been enjoying many salads. Sadly, the summer heat is here and as it comes in the lettuce goes out. These will be the last lettuce heads of spring.                                                                                                                     Cilantro – In bloom. I follow a blog of another CSA in Oregon, Pitchfork and Crow, and noticed that one week they gave bunches of cilantro in bloom. Then at the Mt. Shasta Farmers’ Market last week, I had some in a flower vase and two different customers wanted to buy the flowers, so they could eat the flowering cilantro. The flavor is pungent and lovely. The thicker parts of the stems get woody, but everything, including the immature seeds, coriander, can be used.                      Potatoes, All Blue – Red Pontiac – Yukon Gold – A patriotic trio in honor of this weekend’s festivities. These little baskets made me giggle with geekish joy when putting them together. For me potato salad is synonymous with the Fourth, and what better than these for optimum flare. Scallions


Summer is truly here. The longest day has crested, the heat is settling in and the call of alpine lakes becomes louder. I don’t mind the heat. It creates more structure to my work day. It brings an urgency to get tasks complete before the 100 degree army marches in. It builds a deep gratitude for the early cool hours, where layers are still honored and the birds sing in calm comfort. With out the punch of the hot afternoon, there wouldn’t be indoor cat nap siestas, or excuses to jump in cool blue lakes. I’ve found it incredibly challenging to find time for play when running this business and farm. You don’t have to find time however, when the heat waves ripple in close distance, you put down the tools and escape, resign, wring out the towel. When the sun is on the horizon and the mercury starts to drop you find the tools again and continue, with mental and physical clarity restored.

I hope you all have a lovely Fourth Celebration and a wonderful weekend! And truly, if you sit quietly and listen you’ll hear those liquid snow lakes calling. You have to enjoy these waters while they’re in season. It’s the season for being a fish and of sunning on river rocks. You have to enjoy it while it’s ripe, because in November it’s not possible. Our area has such stunning geographic bites that have different seasonal primes. Seasonal food and seasonal topographic delights!

ENJOY – Kate

Heart Potatoes!

Heart Potatoes!

Recipe ideas – click on highlighted text to go to recipe link

Quiche – Last night I made a quiche for Jonathan and it was perfection. I used a whole onion, greens and all, beet greens, kale, potatoes and cilantro! I made a simple pie crust and sautéed all the goodies. After chilling the dough I rolled it out and then fit it in the pan. I added all the sautéed veggies and poured whipped eggs in to fill all the gaps. Add salt and pepper, cheese if you like. Bake at 400 for 45 minutes or until eggs are cooked. A meal with out breakfast, lunch or dinner boundary, it can do it all!

Quiche filling getting sauteed.

Quiche filling getting sauteed.

Potato Salad – We all have a go to recipe, handed down from Mom! Try adding something new, hard boiled eggs, parsley, cilantro, olives, carrots, broccoli, scallions, kale, paprika, Siriacha…why not!

I’ve been craving a good carrot salad – here are a few recipes and look yummy                                Asian Carrot Avocado Salad                                                                                                                     Beet Carrot Apple Salad

Red, White and Blue potato baskets - Happy 4th!

Red, White and Blue potato baskets – Happy 4th!

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