Week 6

Week #6

Week #6


Glowing in this week’s share

Carrots – Mixed rainbow bunch                                                                                                           Beets – More beets! Can you have too much beets?                                                                       Siskiyou Sweet Onions – These have become a farm favorite and a coveted item.  Brett at Cafe Maddalena usually order 20 pounds a week and I want to make sure the CSA has a consistent supply. This is a perk of being a member. These onions are limited and I don’t think you’ll be seeing these sweet things at the Farmers’ Market.                                                                                   Eggs or the first of the Summer Squash                                                                                                Garlic – This crop is very symbolic for me, it’s the joiner, the connection piece that links the fall months with the spring to create a full circle season. Garlic gets planted in the fall, and is harvested in the beginning of summer. To plant garlic you have to know where you’re going to be going into the next season, which I’ve never had the luxury of until last fall! This garlic seed came from a friend’s garlic seed company, Gypsy Garlic. These beautiful varieties have been grown with love season after season and I’m excited to continue their lineage here at Homeward Bounty. There was some odd development that happened to a lot of the Tzan garlics. Instead of forming individual coves, it just made one big bulb. I found that this can be called Solo Garlic. I think the Tzan forming this way was maybe due to weather or water, because it’s not a normal characteristic of the variety.                                                                                                            Potatoes – Yukon Gold and Red Pontiac mix                                                                                    Radish Seed Pods – When I was farming in Nova Scotia for a small seed company, we sold a radish variety called ‘Rat Tail’ that had been selected mainly for its edible seed pods. I’ve been munching on these as ‘field snacks’ while working and thought you might want to try them as well. I find that they’re a lovely blend of sharp radish with a pea crunch. I’ve mainly used them for fresh snacking, but I bet they would be lovely in a salad or in a stir fry (with onions, squash and carrots). I have found that some can be pithy. Through taste testing I’m starting to understand how to read the plant and tell the difference. I’m still working it out though and hope that you don’t find too many of these odd ones.


The farm is looking good! The golden gems of summer: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, corn and melons are responding beautifully to this relentless heat. The transition is truly starting to happen. We’ve moved out of the crisp greens into stable crops like onions and potatoes. Both of these crops come on at the perfect time, they’re the waiting music as you stay poised to be transferred from spring goodies to the fruits of summer.

Amber Eye Sunflowers

Amber Eye Sunflowers

A lovely addition to the farm this season are hundreds of happy-go-lucky sunflowers. This year I have a few contracts to grow seed for both Siskiyou Seeds and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. This variety is Amber Eyes – when Amber Eyes are smiling, the whole farm smiles with them!

Have a beautiful week & enjoy- Kate

Recipe ideas for this week – click on highlighted words to go to link

Pickled Radish Seed Pods – This article has great photos, information and a genius pickled pod recipe!

What to do with all these beets – how about cake! This is my favorite chocolate cake recipe, complete with beets! Chocolate Beet Cake

With the heat we’ve been having, it’s not very desirable to turn on the stove or oven on. Quinoa cooks up fast however, and I’m sure this salad would be lovely eaten cold! Spiced Carrot Zucchini Quinoa


One thought on “Week 6

  1. Good morning Kate and fellow CSA members. Another week of beautiful Siskiyou County produce at the doorstep. We shared our last week’s basket with friends we are presently visiting on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. As CSA’s become more mainstream, it is nice to know we are part of the movement. Thanks Kate for your vision. Even though some think us State of Jefferson people as coco loco, we do have our own plan for the future and that is the commitment to support our local friends and especially our farmer.

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