Week 8

Week 8

Week 8

Freshly harvested for this week’s share –

Summer Squash – Yum. The green variety is called Dark Star and was developed by  breeder in Northern California. The round green ones are called Ronde di Nice, they’re a French heirloom. I find that this variety lends its self well for stuffing and cut nicely into discs that are perfect for sandwiches and burgers.                                                                                                                     Golden Beets – All the beautiful beet taste, with out staining every dish pink. Golden beets are a delicacy in they’re color and due to how challenging they can be to grow. They’re much more finicky than their bright red sisters. The germination is always lower and they’ never quite seem to have a nice of greens or to size up. With all that, I feel like this year’s crop looks nice.                    Sweet Onions – Torpedo and Siskiyou Sweets  – Some of the onions tops are starting to flop, which is a sign of an onion wanting to cure. For the next few shares they probably wont have tops, and past that I’ll probably cure a few. The ones that do have green tops, don’t for get to eat the tops too! They’re great cup up and used like green onions.                                                                             Parsley – Italian Flat Leaf                                                                                                                         Sorrel or Basil – What ever you received this week, you’ll get the opposite this week. The basil is finally leaf out and enjoy this summer heat. If sorrel is new to you, then you’re in for a treat! It’s a lovely green with a sour lemon taste. Making a chilled sorrel soup is definitely on my menu for the week!                                                                                                                                                       Red Pontiac Potatoes – Enjoy these as they’re the last. There will be more potatoes to come, fingerlings. I just wish there could be endless amounts of these big beautiful red spuds. They’ve been so much fun and yummy to cook up.

There has been some great developments on the farm lately. Homeward Bounty Farm officially has a logo! Bridget Shaw a extremely tallented local artiest has crafted a stunningly colorful art piece that captures the bounty and energy of Homeward Bounty Farm. To see the logo come to life, drop by the Mt. Shasta Farmers’ Market (3:30-6:00) on Mondays. Bridget also painted the graphic on some old fencing, it makes a beautifully eye catching farm sign!

Logo designed and drawn by Bridget Shaw.

Logo designed and drawn by Bridget Shaw.

More, very very very exciting news, my application with the NRCS’ High Tunnel Program got funded! This news means so much. It means mega season extension, it means business stability, it means more work, a fun future farm HighTunnel building party, and growth! Having tools like this for a Farm in Siskiyou County has a great ripple effect and I can’t wait to offer up veggies, potentially year round, to my community!

The farm will soon have one of these beauties out in field!

The farm will soon have one of these beauties out in field!

Have a lovely week! Enjoy this cooling weather while it lasts!

Enjoy! – Kate


Recipes – Click highlighted text to go to get recipe

50 Things to do with Sorrel – I love sorrel soup, but if it’s too hot to be standing over the stove, then try some of these ideas. Adding it to hummus sounds fabulous! 

Golden Beet Salad – This looks quite delightful. I wish the beans were ready to be used along with the beets in this dish.

Parsley-Almond Pesto, what!!! YUMM!

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