Bija - Threshing seeds at Navadany Farm in India



It all comes from the seed. Ever since I first started farming would hear a special whisper from the seeds. I enjoyed many aspects of working with plants and the earth, but the seed is what coaxed me in with inquisitive wonder. After my first year of farming, I followed that germinating thought of working with seeds to Nova Scotia, where I worked for a small seed company, Hope Seeds. For the last four years I’ve been growing my seed knowledge and techniques and have had the opportunity to not just save seed for my own use, but have grown out seed crops for both Siskiyou Seeds, in Williams Oregon and for Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, in Virginia.

Above is a photo of Beja, taken at Vandanya Shiva’s seed farm, Navdanya in 2009.

2 thoughts on “Seeds

  1. Hi, My name is Nadine. I live in Canada and a friend of mine sent me one of your seed packages and I just love the glassine paper envelope that you used. I was wondering if you could share with me where you source them from. I also have a garden, not near as big as yours, but I am on a similar journey to yours… connecting with the earth, loving being close to Creation and learning amazing life lessons as a result! I would really appreciate you sharing your source with me, if possible. Cheers and Happy Growing!

    • Hello Nadie. It nice to hear from a farmer in Canada! I spend a season farming at Hope Seeds in Nova Scotia. You can find the glassine envelopes at (wow, there’s a website for everything these days!). Keep up the inspiring work! Have a beautiful, bountiful and rich season of growth!

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